This is one of the hireable mercenary companies. 10,000 denars have to be paid to hire the company. This army is led by Grandilon and consists of:

Even being weaker than other mercenary armies, they all wear a morningstar as a secondary weapon (piercing damage weapon), which means they can do a lot of damage even through armor.

Requires positive relations with Duke Aelfwine and not at war with Sarleon or friendly ownership of Marleons.

This company also may be hired by King Ulric. If he does so, the player will not be able to hire this company until his company is defeated.

Note: Since 3.9:

  • They now require the player to have at least 46 Right to rule as well as the conditions mentioned previously.
  • The company was buffed, now holding more MHC, now the company holds (changed numbers in bold):
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