Prophesy of Pendor offers a feature called achievements. These will automatically trigger and pop up on the user screen when obtained, giving the player a reward. Each achievement can be only triggered once per game. Check-in for achievements is checked every two days.

Campaign Achievements

Achievement How to obtain Reward
Competent Aide Complete 30 quests +20 Renown
Master Builder Build 30 Improvements +1 Engineering
Order Grandmaster Become leader of a knighthood order +1 Persuasion
Defender Of Pendor Defeat 7 Unique Spawns +1 Intelligence
Guardian Of Pendor Defeat 15 Unique Spawns +2 Intelligence
Chevalier of Pendor Have over 500 Honor +1 Charisma
Great Persuader Convert 30 lords to your kingdom +1 Persuasion
Masterful Warrior Kill or Wound 5000 enemies +1 Trainer
Legendary Warrior Kill or Wound 10000 enemies +2 Trainer
Hero of Pendor Have over 5000 renown +1 Charisma
Lion of Pendor Have over 7500 renown +2 Charisma
Rogue King Declare a sovereign kingdom +1 Leadership
Cult Banisher Defeat a Snake Cult Army +1 Ironflesh
Scourge of Jatu Defeat a Jatu Army +1 Riding
Bane of Vejovis Defeat a Mystmountain Army +1 Agility
Purger of Heresy Defeat a Heretic Army +1 Strength

Battle Achievements

Achievement How to obtain Reward
Deathbringer Get at least 50 kills in one battle +20 Renown
Arena Survivor Win 25 Tournaments +100 Renown
Arena Master Win 50 Tournaments +1 Weapon Master
Battle Master Win 250 Battles +1 Tactics
Great General Win 500 Battles +2 Tactics

Negative Achievements

"Achievement" How to obtain Penalty
Caravan Marauder Raid 30 Caravans -1 Charisma
Village Plunderer Raid 20 Villages -1 Charisma
Epitome of Ineptitude Fail 10 Quests -10 Renown
Slippery Fellow Get captured 10 times -1 Tactics
Cheater Cheat in 3 separate battles1 -30 Honor and you can no longer receive rewards from achievements2

(1) Go to Cheats to see which ones are allowed and which are not. Note that you still can cheat campaign without getting this 'achievement'. Warning: Pressing the key combination for a disallowed cheat counts as using it, even if cheats are not actually enabled!

(2) You can still get the above achievements, but won't receive the bonuses they would otherwise provide.

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