"He has heard that Aeldarian, the famous Noldor Warlord, has a wondrous bow in his possession. Thunder echoes when he fires an arrow." - Tales of Pendor

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Aeldarian 3.9

3.8.4 Aeldarian

Lord Aeldarian is the most intolerant and hateful of the four Noldor warlords, completely despising the presence of mankind on Pendor; he is rumored to laugh in glee when one Pendorian faction declares war against another, and hopes that they will eventually all destroy one another.

He will be carrying a Noldor Noble Shield, but he won't use it, as his only melee weapon is a Sapphire Rune Two Handed Sword. His unique weapon is Duskfall, a very powerful bow from which he shoots Noldor Arrows.

His armor is very sturdy - his head, body and leg slot items will have items with protective bonuses ranging from 60 - 70. He is also equipped with a noldor horse, often being the Noldor Spirit horse.

Aeldarian can be captured and freed for a Qualis Gem or a large pouch of Diamonds. This is a double feature capture, as shown in the picture, first being he has an extra option, which gives the player the knowledge of adding the elite Noldor gear to your Custom Knighthood Order in exchange of his freedom. These items will be unlocked for your CKO (slightly different than the ones of Ithilrandir):

  • Noldor Ancient Plate
  • Noldor Rune Armor
  • Noldor Noble Shield
  • Noldor Enchanted Shield
  • Noldor Goldleaf Warhorse
  • Noldor Spirit Horse

Note: Since 3.9.0, he will unlock different gear than Ithilrandir, this being:

  • Noldor Rune Armor
  • Noldor Knight Helm
  • Noldor Enchanted Shield
  • Imperial Radiant Cross Plate 
The second capture feature allows you to get his Duskfall. The other feature is telling him to return to his homeland and never return. While this does not make sense (as his home is Pendor) he will not return. In exchange, you will receive his unique weapon, Duskfall (always with no weapon modifier), as well as 5 renown, honor and 10 relation points with the Noldor (yes, surprisingly it gives positive relations with the Noldor).
Aeldarian Pict

Aeldarian at the front, with the bow that differentiates him from Ithilrandir, with a Maiden Ranger and a Noble behind

His army generally numbers 400-550 Noldors, and consists of the following:

Note: Since 3.9:

Trivia Edit

  • Opposite to Ithilrandir, he and his house heavily despises humans and won't tolerate their presence in Noldor territory. When its his turn to patrol the forest, he adventures sometimes like Ithilrandir outside of the forests, but just to harass the kingdoms to inspire fear. Its his questionable way of keeping his forests safe and clean of humans.
  • It is said that Aeldarian "won't ransom prisoners when he takes them. He forces his prisoners to join him or die."
  • Alike the other three Noldor lords, he can't stand Jatu, they all are "reputed to hate the Jatu more than the other humans in Pendor", however, their hatred differs when it comes to other humans. Aeldarian is the most aggressive of the four.
  • "You humans are like an infestation of maggots" - Aeldarian
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