Alyssa equip
Taken as a child in the Empire by Serpent Cultists, she became a Priestess. She has recently left the Cult, and her life is forfeit if any of the Snake Cult catch her. She has no problem killing her former cohorts, as they will surely kill her as well if given the chance. She is willing to lend her knowledge of her former brethren to her Captain to aid in fighting against them. As a priestess, training in equitation, use of the trademark Black Iron Spear and knowledge of poisons were paramount. Anyone willing to give her a chance will find her a worthy addition as a fighter, but her manners and accent will surely cause some unease in the ranks.

She misses the Serpent Temple, the hours of quiet contemplation, and her pet snake, which she wore around her neck. She doesn't drink wine and or eat meat, and complains of a lack of vegetables in Pendor.

She will hire on with you for 2000 denars.

Alyssa starts at a low level, but can grow into one your most trusted fighters provided she is geared well and offered an excellent horse. She excels on horseback, especially when given a lance.

She dislikes Sara the Fox and Sir Roland, but likes Sir Alistair.

As with most other companions in 3.9, her equipment has changed dramatically. When hired, she is equipped with a Shahi helmet, Broad Head Throwing Spears, a Snake Circle Shield, a Black Iron Spear, D'Shar Leather light armor, Leather Gloves, Looter Boots, and riding a Courser.

She is a noble, making her lord will result in her recruiting Empire troops.


The name Alyssa is the negative form of 'lyssum', meaning rabies or madness: it can be seen that through leaving the Snake Cult, she has cured herself of madness. 

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