Ansen equip
A studious boy who narrowly escaped being pressed into the clergy by running away from home. Despite being very bookish and best suited as a medic, he dreams of becoming a knight (a dream quite possible if called upon to lead soldiers for the new king of Pendor.) He quite possibly has a crush on Adonja because of her beauty and gallantry in battle, and she may reciprocate his affection. On the other hand, he greatly dislikes Boadice, because she is surprisingly very rude to him and insists that he doesn't treat her wounds due to being a Veccavi noblewoman when he is only trying to do his job as the company's medic, and Frederick who openly expresses doubt that he shall ever achieve knighthood, much to Ansen's annoyance.

Like Leslie, he's a "blank slate" and can be turned into anything the player needs/wants him to be given enough time, from a tough foot solider on par to Frederick, an archer almost able to match Diev, or a heavy cavalier able to match any of the more combat suited companions. He joins the company with only a set of nobleman's attire, woolen hose and a knife, so it is recommended to have at least a cheap sword/spear and a shield for him to work with when you take him on. You also can simply keep him as a medic if you want.

He will hire on with you for free.

He is a noble, making him lord will result on him recruiting Empire troops.

Making Ansen a lord is a good idea, as he has an Upstanding personality and you can have the ability to gear him out from level 1 however you like. It will take some doing - and likely some potions from Finneas de Digit - to make him a truly effective warrior, but once you have your own kingdom having a loyal lord with a full war party is more important than if that former companion actually is effective in combat. From level, get him just enough strength (perhaps 12-13) to wear some decent gear, and then go whole hog into upping his INT, CHA, leadership and trainer skills, and also putting some points into pathfinding. He starts with an above-average wound treatment skill; upping that might not be a bad idea.

He dislikes having Boadice gather support for your claim on the Pendorian Throne. 

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