Asp Armor
Asp Set

The most feared armor to see in a battle field when fighting the Snake Cult. Seeing this armor in the battlefield will only mean that not only the fearsome Asp Vanguards are nearby, but also Maltise, and that you're facing her Dread Legion.

This armor is only used by Maltise's body guards, the Asp Vanguards, and Maltise uses an improved version of this, the Supreme Asp Armor, that differs on having better stats and a long green cape.

This armor is a Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment, to unlock it, player must defeat and capture Maltise, and take the CKO unlock option when talking to her.

This armor can be dropped by the Asp Vanguards, which are only seen in the Dread Legion (always will spawn with 50 of them).

Asp Set 2
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