Asp Vanguard

Maltise's bodyguards. Very feared not only in the Empire, but all over Pendor. Their Asp Throwing Axes are deadly, but combined with the Asp's huge stats, it can 1 hit-KO most of the troops, stronger troops like a Empire Immortal take 2 hits to fall. Their high hit-points combined with their very resistant and valuable armor (providing 60 head armor, 71 body armor and 59 foot armor), as well as their Asp Shield, which is one of the most durable shields, makes them outstanding opponents.

These are comparable to Noldor Twilight Knights - indeed, while the latter is better at a distance, the Asp Vanguard might just be better in melee. They ride swift Noldor Grey Warhorse and Noldor Dark Warhorse, making them very difficult to chase, whilst they throw their deadly axes at their pursuers. Another strategy is to run around the enemies whilst maintaining the distance, killing foes from afar.

When they charge, they either use their Asp Throwing Axes in melee form or they switch to their Ebony Long Sword, which they use with great skill. When dismounted, they are on-par with the most elite infantry troops in Pendor, like the Empire Immortals or the Mettenheim Forlorn Hope, with the advantage of their long range thrown axes.

They are only found in the Dread Legion, protecting their creator. Maltise will always spawns with 50 of these, serving as her bodyguards.

Asp Vanguard2

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Thoughts, or what we call nightmares, circulated in the mind of Maltise. A trance of convoluted horror plaguing the very synapses of her brain. "AZI" the booming voices called out.

  She opened her eyes, quaintly cracking a smile only for the sharp glint of white to be seen as she bore her demonic fangs. Outward before her was the army she has come to Pendor with. The army the goddess has bestowed for her insane malice. Twisted creatues. Fallen men who were gifted the goddess' love.

  Dozens of tall lurking figures approached her, and knelt before her cursed ebony scales. They said nothing, but the sound of sinister tongues feeling the cold air was all that took to their serpentine ears.

  "Children of the Assssspsssss, go forth for the Verdant Mother. Consssume all."

  So with those words spoken from her screeching voice, she turned towards the horizon of the Baccus Empire. Following suit, the tall figures behind her stood, beckoning out a howl most horrendous, raising their weaponry for the fall of men is soon to come.

  Outward towards the edge of the tree-line, a knight-scout of the forest looked upon what was unleashed. He was afraid.

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