Assassin Throwing Knives

Shot speed: 50
Abundance: 100

Assassin Throwing Knives Ingame
Designed by the Order of the Scorpion Assassins and extended throughout the high nobility within the D'Shar. They are rare to see as the time it requires to master these makes the darts preferred by most of the D'Shar, whilst these are only used by the top of the D'Shar Principalities noble troop, both native D'Shar Knighthood Orders and a couple of vassals.

They do also have small spikes when the blade starts. The design of these thrown weapons make it look like a noble weapon, being expensive items. They stand out for having by far the most shot speed and having one of the highest attack speeds. They are a really good deal, but they will run out very soon. Due their higher speed and range, it is better to tell troops to hold the fire until the enemy is closer, and then throw them, this way they'll be more likely to hit.

These are used by:

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