Barclay Aventurero

The most basic and inexperienced troop from Barclay.

They will always have a shield, most of them will have a Crossbow (either Balanced Crossbow or Light Crossbow) and either Balanced Bolts or Steel bolts, making some of them very efficient as ranged troops despite their low proficiencies. A few of them will be forced to always fight in melee as their crossbow is not guaranteed, when so, they will always have a couple of these items (if given a crossbow, just one): Steel Hammer, Soldier's Cleaver, Iron Sword and War Spear.

A troop introduced to Barclay in 3.9.0 to solve the issue of not having a basic troop that offers the possibility of picking the weakest ranged troop or the weakest melee troop (alike Veccavia has Veccavi Man Hunter, Melitine Empire has Melitine Free Brother and Mettenheim has Mettenheim Avonteurer). There are several ways to obtain these, including hiring them from taverns or recruiting them from Red Brotherhood agents. Aventuriers will not appear in normal Barlcay spawns, so they cannot be rescued from prisoner trains.

This is the basic unit of Barclay and upgrades to Barclay Heavy Soldat or Barclay Balestra for 40 d.
Barclay Aventurero Image

Aventureros forming a shieldwall

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