Barclay Heavy Soldat 3.9.2

Appearance and stats in 3.9.2

Barclay Heavy Footman

Hailing from the realm of Barclay, these foreigners swarm to the war-torn land of Pendor, selling their swords for a hefty fee. These footmen are much like tanks on some level, packing morningstars, Barclay Noble Swords, and a shield with armor that.can match the top tier soldiers of nearly any kingdom. Even the Empire and Fierdsvain's famously hardy infantry has at least some difficulty facing them.

They are powerful but lack speed, and can easily be overwhelmed by faster troops like Fierdsvain Berserkers, Empire Gladiators, and especially cavalry in open terrain, though the latter can be dealt with if they are foolish enough to charge into these men while they are tightly grouped. Heavy cavalry with lances and mounted archers are perhaps their deadliest enemies.

Due to being heavily armored infantry they are quite slow, and this is further aggravated by the lack of availability and sheer cost. Most Barclay footmen in Pendor are already part of their own adventuring parties, generally lead by one or more Chevaliers, and of those looking for work they are generally in groups averaging only four or five men which necessitates frequent travelling if one wishes to bring a large company to bear on their foes.

Despite their drawbacks, they are a good addition to bolster a shieldwall and are a great asset in siege battles, easily decimating foes on the castle's walls once they reach them and tend to be among the men who survive assaulting a firing line thanks to their shields and decent armor.

Try to recruit them whenever the opportunity presents itself (especially if you need decent assault troops and don't want to spend, or don't have the time, to train some from local soldiery,) though be warned that they are very pricey men to field, especially en masse, though they are slightly less costly than their equally fearsome comrades, the Barclay Janissaries.

This troop is upgraded from Barclay Aventurier and can be upgraded to Barclay Imperial Lancier for 80 denars.

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