Bearclaw Berserker 3.9

Behold, one of the Mystmountain finest soldiers. They are a terrifying sight, even among the battle-hardened Ravenstern troops, who face them on a regular basis.

The Bearclaw Berserkers are easily distinguishable among a Mystmountain horde. They wear a practical fur-lined bear helm, a trademark helm of the berserkers and the Mystmountain warrior armor. This outfit makes them extremely burly-looking, which terrorizes even the hearts of the Knights of the Dragons.

They make use of a wide variety of weapons, giving them great offensive power both against cavalry and infantry. They are also well-armored, especially in comparison to the Fierdsvain Berserkers. This gives them decent protection against archers, however, they will always be equipped with either a Great Axe, a Northern Battle Axe, or a Great Long Axe, all 2 handed weapons, meaning they'll have no shield.

These units are not recruitable under traditional means. If Adonja is made into a vassal she will randomly recruit these units into her army; however, there will be no way for the player to use them unless you command the battle and she is also on the field. It is possible for the player to recruit these units from the many Red Brotherhood Agents by selecting their option about rumors and paying the 10 Denars. Sometimes they will have a follow-up option where they will offer to sell you extra prisoners they have. Bearclaw Berserkers are one of the possible units for sale, 3 to 4 of these soldiers will be offered, for 1,000 denars each.

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