Broad Head Throwing Spears Stats

Shot speed: 28

Broad Head Throwing Spears Ingame

The main Thrown weapon of The Empire. They are widely used by this kingdom, both troops and heroes (remember these have all large bag modifiers, and they won't drop anything in loot when being defeated), as well as some other troops. It can be easily distinguishable by their light brown color (different type of wood used) and their very thin and long metallic tip.

They essentially mimic the Pilum throwing spears used by the Roman Empire in the real world - certainly reflective of the Empire in general. They are similar to Javelins, but have less ammo for slightly better range and damage, meaning that the DPS is higher, but the total damage output if they have time to throw all spears is smaller. However, a line of soldiers armed with these weapons can wreak some serious havoc on an enemy force.

One pack can be obtained on Ethos' City Chest. Since 3.9.2, there is a chance it has a modifier:

  • 15%: plain
  • 40%: balanced
  • 35%: large bag

They are used by:

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