"The day will come when you see the Griffon fly." Those were the last words from my mother. To this day, I still don't understand what was that mean. Every time I asked my father, he always change the subject and keep himself busy. The only thing that I knew was that, Griffon was the mightiest creature across the land of Pendor and they're extinct for centuries. It was a simple day after I spend time with my father in a shack. "Father, have you ever seen the griffon?" I asked. "No. Let's get these meats to the castle. It's getting late" Father replied. Changing the subject as always. After spending many days and nights it's time to go back and do our duties as a hunter and a trader. My father taught me everything from hunting to trading, even a little bit of medical treatment. I learned a lot from him. After we arrived at the castle my father took me back home. "Cavalian, stay home and practice with your sword, hmm? I will sell the meats and after I come back let's go to the tavern and go see the girl that you like huh?" Father said. "Ok, father" I replied "But why should I practice with the sword? I'm good at using a bow and I don't see why I should use a sword. Barclay's not at war with anyone." I asked with curiosity in my voice. "Just do as I say, ok? Stop asking questions." And that was the last words from my father... "Cavalian! you have to go! Take this letter and go to the location in this map. HURRY!" Shouted by me uncle. "What happened uncle Leon?" "Your father was right. You sure asking a lot of questions. Just go the location. The letter will explain everything to you". I got out of the castle and I see a large army attacking the castle. The smoke of firing arrows cover my sight. I don't know who was command the assault. The only thing that I heard was "Where's the last heir of Cavalas. Send him to me and I'll spare your pitiful castle!". I arrived to the location and I saw a small ship with only handful of people. "Sire, your ship is ready" said the man. "Sire?" I replied. "Oh, sorry. Cavalian get on the ship your father paid a lot to get you out of here. The ask any question. Just stay in your room. I will taking care the rest" The other man come and hit the first man. I think he's the captain of the ship. "May I Know you name, captain?" I asked. "The name's Donavan, now get back to your room and do as I say, hmm?" I go to my room and read the letter. "My son, I am proud of the man you become. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you...". The letter goes on and on. I didn't remember much from the letter because I was in a shock. The only thing that I knew was My mother was the last true queen of Cavalas. That made me the last true king of pendor. I didn't know if it was real or fake. But my life has already change after I set sail on this ship. After 6 months on the sea, I arrived at the town call "Javiksholm". And that's when my story begins...

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