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Cez is an Empire city located in the far south-east corner of the map on a peninsula. Cez is owned by Kyros Dux when a new game is made.

Its villages are Ruldi, Buillin and Serindiar.

Cez is home to the Order of the Shadow Legion, which is known for its devotion to the ways of the Old Empire, and is thus at odds with Marius Imperator and all the orders from the new Empire, the Order of the Radiant Cross, the Empire Immortals, the Order of the Phoenix and the Order of the Shadow Wolves.

Cez is right in the midst of the main spawn points for regular Snake Cult Armies and also the feared Dread Legion. As such, it can face assaults by those forces with decent regularity. Though this also gives the player the ability to defend the city and rack up huge personal kill totals, it also means that Cez's economy will periodically suffer until the Snake Cult is dealt with.

Cez seen from the top.

Economy Edit

The main exports of Cez (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Iron, Oil, Hides, Wine, Leatherworks, Tools, Honey, Pottery and Linen.

Chest Edit

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Ironbred Charger, Ironbred Stallion, Empire Guardian Helmet and one Snake Cult Rituals.

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