This is one of the hireable mercenary companies. 10,000 denars have to be paid to hire the company. This army is led by Shiruzah of the Hallowed Arrow and consists of:

It is worth noting, that due to the entire army being cavalry and Shiruzah of the Hallowed Arrow having the highest Pathfinding skill (7) among the mercenary companies' leaders, this is the fastest mercenary company, only being diminished by the army size. It is also considered one of the best cavalry forces in the game, with the initial charge killing many enemy units with minimal casualties.

To hire this mercenary company, the player needs positive relations with the Jatu.

This company may spawn as an independent company, or be also hired by Marius Imperator, Kadan Bahadur Khan and Koningur Valdis. If the company is already in Pendor, the player will not be able to hire it.

Note: Since 3.9:

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