In each playthrough, the chest within the castle of each city may contain items. These items can't be accessed until the player owns the city, and when doing so, he can take the items inside the chest, as well as use it as a storage.

Beware, if the city is lost, the player will not have access to the items stored until he regains control of the fief. These items won't disappear nor be stolen by the new owner of the city.

The items stored initially in the city chest are uncertain (the chest may even be empty). The capital of each kingdom has the most valuable chests, whilst the rest mostly have less valuable items.

Note: The content of the chests was heavily changed and improved in 3.8, giving the player an actual reward for conquering each city. The items will never have modifiers.

Note: Since 3.9.2, there is a high chance (80%-85%) that items in chests will get random positive modifiers:

  • Metal armor pieces: 20% plain, 20% superb, 30% thick, 20% reinforced, 10% lordly
  • Leather armor pieces: 20% plain, 20% superb, 20% sturdy, 20% thick, 20% hardened
  • Shield: 15% plain, 55% thick, 30% reinforced
  • Ammunition: 50% plain, 50% large bag
  • Crossbow: 15% plain, 75% fine, 10% masterwork
  • Bow: 15% plain, 35% fine, 40% strong, 10% masterwork
  • Thrown: 15% plain, 40% balanced, 35% large bag
  • Polearms "masterwork": 15% plain, 65% heavy, 20% masterwork
  • Polearms "balanced": 15% plain, 55% fine, 30% balanced
  • Axes: 15% plain, 65% balanced / heavy, 20% masterwork
  • 1h/2h "lesser": 15% plain, 45% fine, 40% heavy
  • Good swords: 15% plain, 15% fine, 15% exquisite, 20% balanced, 15% tempered, 20% masterwork
  • Average Swords: 15% plain, 35% fine, 25% balanced, 25% tempered
  • Horses: 20% plain, 20% stubborn, 50% heavy, 5% spirited, 5% champion / spirited (some horses can't be champion, so in those horses, its a 10% chance for spirited instead)

A list of items in each city's chest and the reasoning:

The Fierdsvain


Note: Since 3.9.0, Runed Bastard Sword will be no more in this chest (nor used by Koningur), replaced for Ancient Rune Axe



Note: Since 3.9.2, Valkyrie Unicorn Plate and Dragonspine Axe are no longer in this chest, as Valkyries can no longer start on this city, but the Order of the Kraken. They were replaced for Kraken Shield and Trident.

The Empire



Note: Since 3.9.0, the helm Marius is using only can be obtained upon being proclaimed monarch, thus it was removed from the chest, replaced by Runed Bastard Sword


The Kingdom of Sarleon



Note: Since 3.9.0, Lion Warhorse was changed for Sarleon Armored Warhorse.



The Kingdom of Ravenstern





The D'Shar Principalities




Nal Tar:

Secret Chests

Rane and Valonbray each have a hidden chest on their streets. This chest is always accessible, without needing the player or even the player's faction to control the city. At the start of the game, the Rane chest always has a Qualis Gem and the Valonbray one a Various Loot.

Travelers in taverns will rarely offer to sell you a "treasure map" for 200 d (after the 10 d paid for telling you rumors), which will make one of these chests (you're told which on on the chat log) receive some item(s) that the player can pick up.

Valonbray Chest

Valonbray's chest. It's on one of the boats in the port (the one in the middle of the screenshot), which is on the left side of the city from the gate.

Rane Chest

Rane's chest. After entering the city, turn left and continue straight until you find on your right this big pile of straw.

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