D'Shar Ghazi Stalker

Heavily armored, and powerfully equipped, this fearsome rider is able to puncture the skulls, and slash the necks of anyone unfortunate enough to meet him. Using the powerful Hornbow with the razor-sharp Ghazi Arrows (sometimes Superior D'Shar Arrows), and riding the averagely fast D'Shar Armored Hunter or if unlucky, the D'Shar Courser). This unit will circle around enemy lines unscathed, to rain arrows over their foes' flanks with extreme power and accuracy.

They are the troop the D'Shar feels more proud of, as they stand up for cavalry whilst using the bow, that is the weapon shown in their banner. It is the only troop to surpass the 300 points in a proficiency, even considering the nobles.

For melee, the Stalker may either come with the D'Shar Sabre, D'Shar Heavy Sabre or more rarely with a D'Shar Spear, but always with a Round Cavalry Shield.

This troop is upgraded from D'Shar Raider for 200 d and upgrades no more.

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