D'Shar Noble Cavalry (profile)

D'Shar Noble Cavalry (v3.7)

The highest rank a D’Shar noble can reach the noble cavalry act as a medium skirmishing force. They ride the swift and agile D’Shar hunters into battle and show great skill in horse riding, manoeuvring between cavalry and footmen whilst steadily firing arrows at their foes. They are quite decent horse archers and are competent lancers using the light lance and the deadly D’Shar sabres to perform hit and run attacks on scattered groups of footmen. Their armour is light, but provides them with adequate protection and they guaranteed a shield, although it shatters rather easily. Their steeds, whilst granting them great speed and manoeuvrability lack any sort of armour and are susceptible to polearms and missiles. If forced to fight on foot they fare averagely and can take on most medium infantry. To use them effectively in battle, have them follow you and run circles around the enemy force distracting and harassing them, once enemy formation is broken and your other troops have engaged, tell them to charge, they will run circles around their foes continuously harassing them with their ranged fire or performing hit and run attacks on them. Overall they are a decent skirmisher unit that you can further upgrade into a D’Shar Windrider.

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