D'Shar Outlaw Chieftain

Among the D'Shar, there are many who believe the current system of things of their people is too far from their roots. There are also those who've grown bored of their lifestyles or no longer have the means to support themselves for whatever reason; these D'Shar form up into small gangs or join the various nomad tribes, becoming D'Shar Outlaw Raiders.

Leading these displaced and, well, rather uppity D'Shar, are the Outlaw Chieftains. Compared to the average outlaw raider, the chieftains are better equipped as befitting their rank, having better armor, sturdy shields, a D'Shar Bow and a decent sabre or a light lance. They ride Cropped Mane Hunters or D'Shar Coursers, which leads to them almost always leading the charge by simple speed factor (and often the first to die in the group).

They are easy to find in the area between High Pass Fortress and Sher Quila, as well as around Torbah. They can be captured and recruit in reasonable numbers in short time.

The parties they lead are made of:

They do not upgrade from any troop nor they upgrade.

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