D'Shar Raider 3.8

Their increased experience and extended service to the D'Shar allowed this warriors to ride a better steed. After the stage of being D'Shar Horseman where they are analyzed by their lord to see if they perform better with the bow or with the sabre, but most lords do give freedom to pick as it does increase the morale of the troop. These proved themselves to be best as marksmen, so they are given a better bow and stronger arrows.

Medium armored, and reasonably equipped, these horse archers make use of their highly fast steed to quickly and easily flank enemy troops and fill them with arrows. D'Shar Raiders are equipped with a D'Shar Bow with D'Shar Superior Arrows, a D'Shar sabre or D'Shar heavy sabre and a Southern Glaive. They ride very quick, but their D'Shar Courser is poorly armored.

This troop is upgraded from D'Shar Horseman for 120 d and upgrades into D'Shar Ghazi Stalker for 200 d.

This troop can be upgraded to D'Shar Dustrider if the player meets the requirements.

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