Diamonds are a new feature to allow players to store denars in their city chests, to avoid a big part of them be stolen if he is defeated. There are 3 quantities to buy: small pouch of diamonds, a medium one and finally a large pouch and their values are 10,000 denars, 50,000 and 100,000 respectively.
Small Pouch of Diamonds
Medium Pouch of Diamonds
Large Pouch of Diamonds
Diamonds can only be bought and (properly) sold in cities through the guildmaster. To buy and sell the small pouch the player in a city the player needs at least
  • 0 or higher relation for the small pouches
  • 10 or higher for the medium pouches
  • 15 or higher for the large pouches

If the player meets the relation requirement, the option to buy them will show up, but the player needs to have enough denars, else clicking the option will do nothing. You will change those denars for a pouch. These pouches can be stored and whenever the player needs them back, they can be sold:

  • In a marketplace for 4% of their value (raises up to 9% with trading skill at 14)
  • To a guildmaster for 95% of their value (however, you need high enough relation with the city to be able to sell)
    • Note: Since 3.9.1, the fee for selling Diamonds was lowered from 5% to 2.5%

Small amount of money from each "buy" transaction is added to the city wealth.

Unique Spawns will offer a Large Pouch of Diamonds in exchange for their freedom.

As of 3.9.4, you will need a Large Pouch of Diamonds to purchase the map to the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz from Brother Randalf. You will also need a second Large Pouch of Diamonds along with a Qualis Gem to upgrade the basic Strange Rune Weapon you get from the mines.

You also will need a Medium Pouch of Diamonds in order to complete the new Barding quest in 3.9.4.

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