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The Doom Mace is a blunt one-handed weapon, and is the best one-handed blunt weapon in the game for both reach and speed; two handed weapons like the regular and Blunt Steel Polehammers deal more sheer damage and appear to swing very slightly faster, but are considerably less useful on horseback and don't allow the option of shield, making the Doom Mace a far more favorable weapon for would-be kings and queens.

If one aims to remain a mounted warrior and fund their army on prisoners, this is the best weapon you can find for the job. If one is going to fight on foot and prefers more damage and reach at the expense of having a shield however, polehammers would be a more suitable choice.

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As of 3.9, the introduction of the Battle Hammer provides a good middle-ground blunt weapon between the Polehammer and Doom Mace. The Battle Hammer has less reach and speed than the Doom Mace, but deals similar damage, can crush through blocks, and is considerably easier to find. However, because it's a one-handed weapon that is faster and has superior reach, the Doom Mace is still a superior choice if one has the chance to obtain it.

How to ObtainEdit

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Successfully defeating the army of The Three Seers and being incredibly lucky in the loot can yield one or more, as Doomguides, the top tier units of the Seers' forces and one of the more terrifying enemies in the entire game, wield them. Attacking the patrols of the Seers is also a good way to farm for the item so you don't have to engage the entire army yourself. If you can take on those patrols solo, you stand the best chance of finding a Doom Mace. Even if you find a poor-quality one, remember that Alexios of Melitine in the Snake Cult Stronghold can upgrade it to full strength for you once you have unlocked that feature.

It can also very rarely be found in merchant shops. It is fairly expensive, so be prepared.

Troops that use (and may drop) this weapon are:

Many players choose to outfit their own Custom Knighthood Orders with this weapon and turn them into extremely powerful general purpose/slaver units. However, as of 3.9 in order to unlock the item one must defeat the powerful army of Eyegrim the Devourer and succeed on a capture roll. See here for more details. In the meantime, while trying to hunt down the Doom Mace for your CKO is a worthwhile goal, the Battle Hammer is always available to be equipped to your order and does a similar job capturing prisoners.


  • It appears at least inspired by the weapon of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, and is thus awesome.
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