A one-handed weapon that can often be seen in the hands of Valkyries and Vanskerry Jarls. It has fantastic damage and good speed but is quite short, which makes it incredibly difficult when wielding this from horseback. Where this weapon really shines is in close-quarters melee situations, especially sieges. The high damage, good speed and bonus against shields works wonders in that environment.   It is extremely rare to be found for sale in merchant shops, but one can be obtained from Windholm's City Chest if the player owns that city. Fighting parties that include large numbers of Vanskerry Jarls or Valkyries also can lead to several of these ending up in loot. Sigimund Stonehand and Hrothgar the Fat both field large numbers of Jarls, and Jarl Talvor the Fey along with Koningur Valdis himself possess a lot of Valkyries.

Troops and lords* that use this weapon are:

*: Lords don't drop items to the loot upon being defeated

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