There are several Easter Eggs in the mod for players to find. Some are inconsequential, while others provide clear gameplay advantages.

Hidden Qualis Gems

There are 2 hidden Qualis gems in the mod.

The first gem is stored in a chest hidden in Rane.

The second require a map to a Red Brotherhood hideout. Much as the first, it is stored in a chest. You have to loot it while in the scene, as it will not count as loot from the hideout itself.

Gambling Qualis Gems

See: Gambling Qualis Gems.

Ordis - Rumor Easter Egg

If you ask Ordis or any traveler for a rumor for 10 denars, there is a chance he may bring up the fact that the Vanskerries hail an enigmatic god called Saxon Dragon. This refers to the mod's creator, saxondragon.

Adventurer's Wound Easter Egg

When the player get's a job from one of Pendor's travelers to heal someone, the traveler will mention the affliction at hand. One such affliction is an arrow to the knee. The traveler worries that the patient may have given up adventuring for guard duty. This is a clear reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which most guards comment about having once been adventurers before a similar injury.

Schwarzenegger Quotes

Mystmountain Raiders will threaten the player before engaging in combat. Two of these threats are paraphrased from the Arnold Schwarzenegger films The 'Running Man and Conan the Barbarian.

Tales of Pendor fan-lore

Vorador the Scribe is a book merchant that can be found in Poinsbruk. Unlike other book merchants, Vorador does not travel. Vorador is named after the forum user vorador1980, who is known for writing stories set in Pendor. His tales can be found on this thread.

Alaric von Brouhaha

Upon capturing the Rebel Peasants faction's leader, Alaric von Brouhaha, one may choose to receive Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment. Upon doing this, a message saying "Congratulations, you have found an Easter Egg!" displays. The item unlocked is the Torch.

Kaverra and Vanskerries

If one has Kaverra and Vanskerry troops in the party at the same time, there is a 3% chance that one of them will die every 5 days.

Random message will appear:

  • 15%: "Soldiers have found a dead body of one of your Vanskerries. Someone had gelded him."
  • 25%: "One of your Vanskerries has been killed in an unfortunate accident."
  • 30%: "Soldiers have found a massacred body, which may be of one of your missing Vanskerries. People blame wild animals."
  • 30%: "One of your Vanskerries has been found dead. Probably old wounds have just opened."
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