Empire Armored Pikeman

Empire Armored Pikeman

Finest Empire Pikeman arm themselves with the empire halberd and awlpike, these men will march under the Imperator and his lords to halt cavalry of the Empire's enemies, a unit the Empire sorely lacks. The men armed with an awlpike are also armed with a kite shield. This adds two versions of pikemen into their ranks, one wielding a heavy and powerful halberd, the other an awlpike with a shield for maximum protection. Similar to the Sarleon Halberdiers, the men armed with halberds can cleave through infantry and cavalry alike, while falling short of the ranged troops. Those armed with the awlpike and shield can halt cavalry in their tracks but fare poorly against infantry, although their shields can protect them from ranged fire. Despite their versatility, always implement Empire Legionnaires into your force to provide the support and protection these troops sorely needs.

This troop is upgraded from Empire Pikeman for 80d and may be upgraded further to Shadow Legion Marinus if you meet the special requirements.

As of 3.9, this unit can be upgraded to Empire Gladiator for 160 denars.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: No
  • Helmet: Yes
  • Shield: Yes
  • Gloves: Yes
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: No
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