Empire Cavalry
The few levy that specialize in crossbows and are somewhat skilled over a horse peak as this troop, yet still being quite far in performance with the other top tiers of the Empire, these being the Armored Crossbowman, Gladiator and Legionnaire.

Armed with a light crossbow, they circle around hostile cavalry and infantry, loosing volleys of basic and light bolts at their foes, fulfilling the same roles as a Ravenstern Mounted Ranger, but with a crossbow instead of a bow. Their steeds (either Empire Warbred Hunter or Empire Dark Hunter) are relatively good for the potential of the rider, granting both maneuverability and speed while sacrificing armor, meaning that their horses are susceptible to stray missiles or heavy weapons. For melee, some will have a Long Cavalry Lance and a shield, others will have a Cross Hilt Noble Sword, making some of them do better in charges and others in close range or when dismounted.

The best advantage of this troop is that is easily trainable, as it comes directly from a level 15 troop, requiring little experience and gold to reach this troop.

Note: Since 3.9, this troop was known before as Empire Horseman, and it belonged to the noble troop tree.

This troop upgrades from Empire Levy Horseman for 40 d and upgrades no more.

This troop can be promoted to Phoenix Risen if the player meets the special requirements.

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