Empire Gladiator

Empire Gladiator

Similar to Fierdsvain Berserkers in their role, the gladiators live up to the name of being swift and merciless in hand to hand combat. They are armed with halberds, Empire Great Swords and the infamous Empire Broadsword. Some of them may also pack javelins and a shield. These men don a light leather armor to offer a small form of protection, making them a little more durable than their Fierdsvain counterparts. Fast and powerful hits from the gladiators will bring down even the toughest foes, but do not ever use a pure gladiators army, because you will learn a painful lesson if you pit them against ranged units. The gladiators' swords are less effective as the berserkers' mighty axes in breaking shields. Always mix them up with legionnaires and pikemen. Their shield, if they are ever armed with it, will shatter under a small hail of arrows and their leather armor while granting these men more agility, are too light to provide a significant protection. As always, use these men to flank the enemy instead and your gladiators will massacre them.

These elite soldiers sometimes exceed in confidence, wearing no or a very light helmet, making them even more swift, but exposed to a critical true damage headshot.

This troop is upgraded from Empire Armored Pikeman for 80 d and upgrades no more.

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