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Ethos is a city that originally belongs to the Empire. It originally belongs to Justus Dux. It is nestled on the banks of a great lake and surrounded by sparse forests.

Ethos Map

The surroundings lands have a tendency of Snake Cult patrols to be chasing villagers and caravans, these patrols coming from the Snake Cult armies that spawn near Janos and Cez. Sometimes, these Dread Legion and Snake Cult armies get leashed near Ethos, resulting with it being sacked. Not only that, but Noldor patrols often will pursue villagers out of the forest to the villages around Ethos, creating even more problems to the city's and villages prosperity. The major Noldor lords, Ithilrandir and Aeldarian, both can lay siege to Ethos if their armies get close enough.

Ethos holds the most villages in Pendor, up to a total of 6: Reveran, Saren, Fedner, Bretven, Dirigsene and Uhhun.


Ethos seen from the top.

Ethos is the home to the Order of the Radiant Cross (even though there's only a 80% they'll start there, with another 10% for a second chapter of the Empire Immortals being here instead), an Order reinstated by Marius Imperator and are considered part of the new Empire.

Note: Ethos must be owned by the player in order to found a chapter of the Order of the Radiant Cross.


The city of Ethos produces (as the townsfolk will tell you) wine, hides, olives and wool. Like all Empire cities, Ethos is a strong consumer of Oil.


The Guildmaster of Ethos is Master Rahl.

He can be found right next to the entrance to the city, on a stone platform, opposite the horse merchant.

Chest Edit

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Zweihander, Empire Hastatus Armor, Broad Head Throwing Spears and one Snake Cult Rituals.



The load out of equipment given in the tournaments in Ethos is varied, which includes the crossbow, bow and arrows, lances, swords and 2-handed swords. Horses are also given in these tournaments.

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