Every kingdom has a Knighthood Order that represents them the most, so those kingdoms agreed with the orders to give every single vassal of their kingdom some of the chosen order's knights. These are:

Like with armies, whether to take the first or the second is fully dependent on the player's level. The lower it is, the closer it gets to the first number, whilst from 21 and higher, it will always be the second. So at level 5, there's a ~20% chance that every time a lord restocks troops (~35), one of those will be a KO knight (two for Lions).

These factional knights are only given to lords, they do not work like a KO chapter, as they won't recruit troops for the garrison.

Note: the 5 factional orders have special requisites to found chapters of their orders. For each one, just 1 of the following 3 requisites is needed:

  • Settle your kingdom culture to the one of the Order
  • Join a kingdom with the culture of the one of the Order
  • Setting the chapter in their home City (Sarleon, Rane, Valonbray, Torbah and Janos respectively)

Example: if a player belongs to the Sarleon culture, he can only create Immortal's chapters in Janos, but he can create Lion's chapters anywhere.

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