Farmer (profile)

Farmer (v3.7)

The men of various villages throughout both Pendor and the world at large who raise the crops, tend the cattle, and trade the goods in towns. They are but simple peasants trying to live their lives in the midst of the chaotic mess that is Pendor (or wherever else they live if it's locked in seemingly endless conflicts.)

They can be seen all over as the player travels, going to and from market and often being trounced by bandits, though they do get lucky from time to time, often resulting in humerous situations of vanskerry and heretics being dragged around by groups of villagers until a stonger bandit gang takes the simple peasantry out. In battle, like most recruits, they are virtually worthless beyond meatshield duty. Those who are forced or chose to remain warriors will become soldiers of Pendor, upgrading into the humble Pendor Recruit, and then beyond into the more elite pendorian soldiers.

They are normally not recruitable, but are often common sights in prisoner stacks where they can be recruited from. Farmers, alongside Militia Recruits and Refugees, are the only early source for Pendor soldiers.

They can easily be upgraded into Pendor Recruits, their first step on the path to greatness.