Fierdsvain Axeman

These axemen can effectively combat any mid tiered infantry and even put up a good fight against top-tier units with a bit of support. Although in one on one combat against high-tier infantry they will be killed, when used with heavy infantry, their effectiveness increases significantly. Their weapons include the one-handed war axe, Fierdsvain War Axes and the axe. They also pack shields if they wield a one-handler and don armor that consists mainly of leather, rather below average protection when compared to the mid-tier troops of the other kingdoms. Under a concentrated volley of ranged fire they will also be cut down and light cavalry units will constantly harass these units. If heavy cavalry gets bogged down among these units, they will make quick work of them with their axes. Some will carry Light Throwing Axes that will be thrown just before charging to damage opponents, their shields or their horses.

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Light Infantry for 80 d and upgrades to Fierdsvain Heavy Axeman for 120 d.

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