Fierdsvain Hersir

The elite nobles of the Fierdsvain, they function as their only "heavy" cavalry. They are not as strong as the noble cavalry of the other 4 kingdoms and should not be put against them unsupported.

They ride either Golden Maned Coursers or Green Leather Draped Warhorses, whilst protecting themselves with a Round Shield. They excel at skirmishing and doing high damage with their Jarids (note that only some will have these) and Fierdsvain Leaf Swords and Fierdsvain Curved War Axes, so long as they stick to hit-and-run tactics. If they get stuck in an infantry formation or against heavier cavalry they will fall easily.

Note: Since 3.9:

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Noble Warrior for 120 d and upgrades no more.

They can be promoted to Valkyries and to Kraken Riddari.