Fierdsvain Huntress

Better equipped both defensively and offensively than the Spear Maiden, these tough women will effectively fight against infantry and cavalry, specially against the latter. They will have some trouble for fighting enemy infantry if not able to keep the distance, but even so, they'll still prove useful thanks to their thick shields and decent armor set, they can soak damage whilst other troops like archers, cavalry or other infantry will do the damage.

Unlike the Spear Maiden, these lancers will always be equipped with a War Spear or Trident, which are more valuable than the other choices the Spear Maiden has. Their shield wasn't improved (so it remains to be a Heavy Round Shield), but their armor has.

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Spear Maiden for 160 d and upgrades no more.

This troop can be promoted to Lady Einherjar.

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