Fierdsvain Light Infantry
The basic Fierdsvain foot soldier, Fierdsvain Light Infantrymen can combat most foes their level effectively due to their higher strength level. The fight a variety of one and two-handed axes and a select few may also use throwing axes. They are vulnerable due to the fact that most of them do not carry shields and their armour is made of mostly leather and fur. To maximise their effectiveness, train and upgrade these units further.

Some of these footmen will have Light Throwing Axes, some will have a Shield and some will have either Nasal HelmetLeather CapArming Cap orLeather Warrior Cap, giving a decent variety within this same troop.

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Trained Militia for 20 d and upgrades to Fierdsvain Axeman and Fierdsvain Spear Maiden for 80 d.