Fierdsvain Noble 3.9

These riders come from various noble families in order to fight for their kingdom and do so in order to uphold their family traditions and maintain the reputation that their family has created and held for many generations. Their nobility provides them with funds for extensive combat training and top quality armor.

Do not neglect these troops, they are the only type of cavalry that the Fierdsvain field and in a pure Fierdsvain army will make up the bulk of your cavalry force. These units need to be upgraded as soon as possible to maximize their effectiveness in battle.

Note: Since 3.9:

  • This troop was known as Fierdsvain Noblewoman, her stats-picture can be seen here:
  • This troop is no longer always female, but mixed. 65% of them will be male and 35% will be female
  • Now it has guaranteed helmet (before only sometimes)
  • Gaudy Padded Leather changed to Green Padded Leather
  • Fierdsvain Leather helm and Leather Warrior Cap (x3) removed

They are the basic noble troop from the Fierdsvain and upgrades to Fierdsvain Noble Warrior for 80 d.