Finneas Pict

Finneas de Digit is one of the three book sellers in Pendor, the other two being Brother Randalf and Vorador the Scribe. He is a fit, brown-colored NPC without weapons that can be seen in taverns. To find him, player may ask any Traveler and pay 50 denars to know where he is. He will move from tavern to tavern periodically.

When you ask him for what else he offers, he can raise stats in exchange for a Qualis Gem. After you trade with him three times, the effects of all the following ones will be halved. He offers three different choices for every gem:

  • Elixir of Arkon: +2 STR, AGI, CHA and +30 Weapon Proficiencies
  • Potion of Janus: +2 INT
  • Dust of Twilight: Randomly one of three outcomes on each of your companions (only the ones in the party at that moment)
    • +2 STR, AGI, and CHR (33% or 2/6 chance)
    • +2 INT (50% or 3/6 chance)
    • +40 Weapon Proficiencies (17% or 1/6 chance)

List of Books

(Item ID)
Memories of a Pendor Commander
Book Memories of a Pendorian Commander


4000 9 +1 tactics Permanent
Applied Rhetoric's - Vol. 1
Book Applied Rhetorics


5000 8 +1 persuasion Permanent
The Life of the Legionnaire - Memories of a Centurion
Book The Life of a Legionnaire


3500 - +2 trainer Inventory
The Field Surgeon's Handbook
Book The Field Surgeon


3500 - +1 surgery Inventory
Stolen Notes of Luciana of Ethos
Book Stolen Notes of Luciana


5260 14 +10 relationwith Noldor Permanent
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