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Firuz the Brazen is the leader of the Firuz and his Singalian Slavers' Mercenary Company. Even though he is a weak fighter, he is a great tactician, having the highest path-finding (among the Mercenary Company leaders), as well high tactics.

He is considered a horse archer, riding a Leather Draped Horse with his Hornbow shooting Singalian Arrows from afar. If he is forced to fight melee, he will swap to his Singalian Death Sabre combined with a shield (Metal Embossed Star Round Shield) to try to stand up the fight.

He will only hire if the player has at least 30 Right to rule, else, he won't find you as a trustworthy leader. His price to hire is the same as for the other companies: 15,000 denars.

Besides from the player, only Kadan Bahadur Khan may hire this company.


Introduction: Salam! May your gardens be full of rose blossoms and your tents with healthy maidens and boys.

Firuz has heard of your exploits and comes to serve you, great Shah.

He will only require modest gifts in gold - a mere pittance to the powerful friend of the Singalians - and a humble share of the slaves.

When talked to: Yes, Shah, Firuz saw the vultures in the skies and knew it was you.

When ordering "I have a task for you...": Your wisdom is legendary, great Shah, but a smart stallion never steps in a rabbit-hole no matter the rider's spurs. Neither does a wise rider watch the skies while in full gallop.

When told "Follow me": This land is wide like a dancer's thighs, but hardly as inviting.

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": Firuz will oblige! As long as he gets the most shapely prisoners.

Departure: It saddens me to depart, yet my wives and husbands shall comfort me this night.

Goodbye and may your enemies' tombs be rained upon by sixty thousand elephant droppings!

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