Food is very important for your party. Each type of food which you have in your inventory gives your party morale, and consequently, if you run out of food, you will lose morale. Food can be bought at goods merchants in Cities, or from the Village Elder at villages. Gradually, your party will eat the food, reducing its quantity.


Your party will eat every 14 hours, with every unit of food quantity feeding 3 troops.

If you have multiple types of food in your inventory, your party will split the consumption between the available foods. So if you have 15 men (needing 5 quantities of food), and had one item of Bread and one item of Smoked Fish, then it will be split between the two items as evenly as possible. For example, consuming 2 quantities of bread and 3 of fish.


Certain foods are perishable. Beef, Pork and Chicken go 'rotten' after four days, making it inedible. The stages are:

  • [Meat]
  • Fresh [Meat]
  • Day-old [Meat]
  • Two Days-old [Meat]
  • Smelling [Meat]
  • Rotten [Meat]

Despite the degradation of the food, the morale bonus does not decease until the meat is fully rotten, at which point it is no longer edible. Food that can rot is best used when traveling with a large army, where its large morale bonus is most useful and where it can be consumed before it spoils.

List of FoodEdit

The following is a list of foods that appear in each game.

Some foods can be used as a raw ingredient to make other food or trade goods through a productive enterprise.

Name Base Value Weight Quantity Morale Bonus Spoils? Made from... Made into...
Beef80205014YesCattle -
Date Fruit 120 40 10 12 No - -
Bread50305016NoGrain -
Butter1506308No - -
Cabbages3015504No - -
Cheese7063010No - -
Chicken90105016Yes - -
Dried Meat80155010No - -
Fruit4420508No - -
Grain3030504No -Bread, Ale
Grapes7040106No -Wine
Honey22053012No - -
Olives10040102No -Oil
Pork70155012Yes - -
Sausages80104010No - -
Smoked Fish6015508No - -
Baggage Train* 0 36 250 60 No

*Baggage Train can only be obtained when the player owns a walled fief. You can get 1 in every Castle/City you own, every 14 days.

Note: Since 3.9, the player may trade 2 Various Loot for one Baggage Train with any tavernkeeper, so the player may obtain these without having to own a walled fief. However, for this to work, the player must not have a baggage train already in the inventory.

Unobtainable foodEdit

Some foods exist as objects in the environment and cannot be obtained or eaten. These are most often seen in taverns, but may also decorate keeps and villages.

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