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The Gold Bar is an item that can be obtained through looting and in some chests and serves no other purpose than be a sort of a "cash reserve" which should be sold as soon as possible due to its heavy weight (50). The selling price varies between 1000 and 2250 denars, depending on the party's trade skill and your relation with the town that you're selling to.

It only drops from heroes and other high tier troops, with some of these being able to drop up to three:

Note: Since v3.9.0, they have a special use rather than just being an item to be sold. Handling one upon hiring a mercenary pack (from Red Brotherhood agents) will maximize their quality. A pack will always contain 30 mercenaries, and a random soldier is chosen 30 times, and then the player has to pay for each soldier chosen.

Note 2: As of v3.9.3, Hamidaron requires an additional gold bar before giving the player an unupgraded rune weapon.

Troop Price Chance
Without Gold Bar
Mercenary Infantry 200 15
Mercenary Crossbowman 220 15
Mercenary Warrior 300 13.3
Mercenary Armored Crossbowman 320 13.3
Mercenary Horseman 340 13.3
Mercenary Sergeant 420 10
Mercenary Sharpshooter 450 10
Mercenary Cavalryman 500 10
With Gold Bar
Mercenary Sergeant 420 33.3
Mercenary Sharpshooter 450 33.3
Mercenary Cavalryman 500 33.3
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