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The mightiest warriors in the Empire, extremely rare to see. They show up, they cause Empire's enemies to be frightened whenever these power houses join in a fight. These elite knights can match the fearsome Hero Adventurers in a duel.

They are always equipped with a Morningstar as well as Throwing Spears, the latter combined with his 500 proficiencies can insta-kill with ease any low tier troop in a single throw. They don a Empire Inlayed Armor and ride an Ironbred Charger.

Agathon Legatus of the Baccus Empire is the only lord that fields Iron Circle Centurions, as they are his household troop. Their stats are greater than those of an un-upgraded Shadow Legion Centurion, having 10 more strength and 4 more agility, but arguably worse equipment.

Due to this and considering Agathon's personality and stats, he is considered a must have (having an S in the tier list), if the player decides to join a kingdom or create his own one.

They are one of the special troops of the empire, the other being the Guardian Empire Knight.

How to Obtain?Edit

Since 3.9, player can obtain them in small numbers. There are 3 known ways to recruit them.

1) By playing a game of chance with Ramun. (You can get 2-4 of them, see this page for details)

2) Asking Alyssa for troops. (If she is in your party, you can get a few of them, numbers depend on situation, see this page for details)

3) Sending Julia as emissary to gain right to rule. You can do this only once. (If you are above level 30, it is guaranteed to obtain 1-3 of them, see this page for details)

In first two options, you also have to pay around 2-5k denars to get the troops.

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