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Janos is one of three cities initially under Empire control. It serves as the seat of Marius Imperator, and thus acts as the capital of the Empire. It lies along the western edge of the Empire's zone of control, and is situated along the sea.

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The Snake Cult has a strong presence in the region, and can be a hindrance to either the Empire's vassals or invading armies. In days of peace, these snake bands and armies will still chase lords, caravans and villagers, which harass heavily Janos and its villages. If the prosperity of the city wants to be raised, it is suggested to have positive relations with the snake cult or be sure there's no raiding party nearby.

Its villages are Glunmar and Fenada.

Janos seen from the top.

Janos is the home to the Empire Immortals, a powerful knighthood order consisting of some of the most formidable heavy infantry available to Pendor. Marius created this order and made them their Factional Order meaning they are on good terms with the Order of the Radiant Cross, the Order of the Phoenix and the Order of the Shadow Wolves, they share a rivalry the Order of the Shadow Legion as well as the other Factional Orders.

Economy[edit | edit source]

The main exports of Janos (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Raw Silk, Wool, Bread, Oil and Ale.

City Chest[edit | edit source]

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Immortal Primus Armor, Marius Helmet and one Snake Cult Rituals.

Note: Since 3.9.0, kingdom monarch's helms can only be obtained upon becoming monarch and selecting the desired helm's culture, so Marius Helmet was replaced for a Runed Bastard Sword (Marius' other weapon). The helm can be still obtained selecting Empire culture upon founding your own kingdom.

Tournaments[edit | edit source]

Generally speaking, Janos' tournaments are light on horse and heavy on the crossbow. Ranged options consist of the crossbow or the bow, while melee weaponry include sword, shield, and lance. Throwing weapons are not present here.

The contestants here are relatively strong. The presence of the Immortals in Janos results in Immortals partaking in tournaments, while Marius Imperator, along with other Empire lords in the case of a feast, makes frequent appearances.

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