Jarryn Ingame
Jarryn Maersow 3.9 2

He is the leader of The Free Company. He is a weak hero but with good equipment, both offensively and defensively. His company has a bunch of tougher guys that make his company be one. He rides a Grey Draped Warhorse, and is equipped with a Steel round shield, a Long Knight Lance, Jarids and a Ebony Arming Sword. He is protected by a Full Plate Armor, Heavy Plate Greaves, Supreme Steel Gauntlets and a Celata Sallet.

He has no Right to rule requirement to be hired, so the player just needs to have 15,000 denars to hire him.

All of the other 5 Monarchs may hire this company as well (but it can't be hired the company is already in Pendor, they have to be defeated first).


Introduction: So you are the new {King/Queen} I have been hearing about.

I must say, I am really glad you summoned me. Not only will this enable me to claim once again to have worked for every single monarch on Pendor, but it also provides me with the chance to thank you personally for all the trouble and misery you have caused. You have no idea just how good the establishment of a new kingdom is for business.

When talked to: Hello {playername}, we meet again! Any rumors you may have heard of me going over to your enemies is, of course, a blatant lie.

When ordering "I have a task for you...": Well, that is what you are paying us for, is it not? What do you have in mind?

When told "Follow me": Just point me in the right direction, and consider it done.

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": Splendid. We shall set out at once.

Departure: Really, already? Sorry, I get all emotional every time a contract is terminated. Don't worry though; there are ample ways to comfort my grieving soul in Singal with the money you provided. You should visit me, if you find the time. I am sure there are still a few things I could show you in that marvelous whore of a city. Until that time, {playername}.

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