Jatu Battle Rider

The toughest of the Jatu ranks and files, the Battle Riders are sometimes given the powerful Jatu Warbeast to ride into battle. They have given up the use of bow and arrows, instead focusing entirely on close combat. Thus, they along with the Jatu Lancers now rely entirely on the Jatu Raiders for ranged support. Although the Battle Riders have given up the use of ranged weapons, they are not to be underestimated, but should instead be feared more. Their steeds are both fast and well-armored, making them difficult to be dehorsed by even halberdiers. Should they, however be forced to fight unmounted, they make themselves tough to go down, even if faced by heavy infantry. Their nomad armor grants them good protection and less encumbrance, allowing them to move and attack almost as quickly as the D'Shar infantry. Their skill with sabers are almost unmatched.

While they are rare to see in the common raiding parties, they come in force in the Jatu armies, second only to the ultra-rare Jatu Warlords. In a charge, they can easily brave through a heavy hail of missiles along with the lancers and warlords. Like all Jatu medium and heavy cavalry, they can easily plow through ranks of infantry, thanks to their Jatu Warhorses and Jatu Warbeasts.

This troop is upgraded from Jatu Lancer for 200 d and upgrades no more.

Each has 2 Various Loot, meaning that defeating them may result in them dropping them.

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