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Julia, and her twin brother Julius, were both trained from a young age in the use of swords and crossbows by their father, a bodyguard for a noble house.

One day, Julia discovered that her father and brother were not guarding a Noble, but a Priestess from the Snake Cult. She confronted the two with what she had seen and Julius threatened to kill her. Julia and Julius fought, and Julia accidentally killed her twin brother. Wanted for murder, she goes on the run wandering from city to city looking for her place in the world.

Julia has an inclination for crossbows (she even claims so in her intro speech, see below) and should be specialized towards them to make her a dangerous marksman.

She likes Lethaldiran (they also make a good duo in battle).

She dislikes Riva and Sara the Fox, she calls the former to be nothing but a brigand, a genuine blue-blood that like the rest, only lies, cheats and steals. About Sara, she calls her a bandit whore who pretends to be of noble blood.

She is a commoner, making her lord will result in her recruiting Empire troops. She has a benefactor personality.

You can hire her for 800 denars.

Her home-city is Janos, so the first time the player goes nearby Laria with Julia in his party, she will tell the player her story (see below).

She starts off with a very basic equipment: Crossbow, bolts, spear, medium-low armor (light leather) and light leather boots (15 foot armor).

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