Kjuda kajahar 3.8

Trained to be the elite, their training has allowed them to be able to fight with more skill than even the Jatu Battle Riders.

Acting as the honor guards for K'Juda the Ravager, they wear faceless mask that terrify their adversaries. They make excellent horse archers. They also wield Strange Ebony Sabres and 2-handed sabres to battle.

They are powerful enough to take on even the Order Knights of the kingdoms of Pendor. Masters of both mounted and ranged combat, they can easily decimate enemies that outnumber them. They are very talented in ranged combat but one of their biggest disadvantages is that their equipment is rather lackluster in comparison to other horse archers, being equipped with a Short Composite Bow and common Arrows. If forced to fight on foot, they are not to be underestimated as they have been trained to kill their foes swiftly.

When facing them, keep a wall of pikes and shields to fend them off, but still expect to take casualties when facing them as they can effortlessly mow down militia-tier troops.

They are only found in K'Juda the Ravager army, which holds 40-100 when spawning. They can't be recruited from prisoner sacks, so only K'Juda will have them.

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