Kadan Bahadur

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Kadan Bahadur Khan 3.9

Kadan Bahadur Khan is the monarch of The D'Shar Principalities, starts every game owning Torbah, the capital city of his kingdom. He will field a large number of D'Shar Windriders as they are his Household troop. The Claimant to his kingdom is Emir Xerxes.

After capturing Kadan Bahadur Khan, when talking to him, if his kingdom is fading (holds 5 or less castles + cities), you have the option to trade his freedom for his Unique Weapon (the Heritage Daja Bow), but this will reduce the relations with him by 40 and with his kingdom by 5.

He is equipped with his Heritage Daja Bow with D'Shar Superior Arrows, which he uses over a Desert War Horse. When forced to fight melee, he switches to a Foreign Two Handed Sabre. He always wears a Elite Cavalry Shield. If the player takes his unique weapon (the bow), he will change his Sabre for a Runed Bastard Sword.

His helmet, Southern King Helm, can be obtained when the player starts Founding a new kingdom. He wears a D'Shar Noble Scale with Lamellar Gauntlets and Soft Soled Ornate Greaves.

All of his equipment, both offensive and defensive (except his unique weapon) has the best modifiers.

These are all of the Mercenary Companies he may hire:

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