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He is the leader of The Freybrueder. He is on foot, like his soldiers, and is armed with a Ebony Flamberge and a mighty Mettenheim Arbalest, which he uses to precisely shoot Mettenheim Bolts. He will normally join his Mettenheim Regular Crossbowmen and shoot like them, but the huge difference of proficiency and Crossbow quality will make his bolts way more deadly than the ones from his comrades.

He is considered the most deadly crossbowman of Pendor, making every bolt of his bag very precise and deadly, often 1 hit KOing units if not blocked. If charged at or runs out of ammo, he will change to his 2H Flamberge, and proceed to attack with deadly swings. He lacks a shield, so a good Couched lance damage hit or well aimed projectiles can take him down.

To be hired, the player needs to have at least 15,000 denars and 60 Right to rule. They may be hired by all 5 monarchs, including the player.

He is probably strongest mercenary company leaders, with a deadly blade, the best crossbow and 550 proficiencies, and a very resistant plate armor. His company is one of the suggested ones to be hired when the player founds a new kingdom, as he and his company will perform very well in the incoming siege that occurs.


Introduction: Greetings, {King/Queen} {playername}.

I am Kapitan Gerhart and this company is called The Freybrueder. We hail from Mettenheim and are known as the best disciplined mercenary company gold can persuade into service.

When talked to: New orders, {Sir/Lady}?

When ordering "I have a task for you...": If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well, my {Lord/Lady}.

When told "Follow me": Where should we go, my {Lord/Lady}? We will get there on time and in orderly fashion.

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": Jawohl, my {King/Queen}, at once.

Departure: Our contract is fulfilled then.

We shall head back to Mettenheim - to sing songs about our fallen comrades and their bravery in battle, but also to train their replacements. We will meet again, no doubt, now that you know our worth.

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