"The least they can expect is food, pay, the opportunity to loot, and that you not waste their lives needlessly."

Kassim equip
A Pamiri D'Shar of the high passes. He got embroiled in a blood-feud with a rival tribe, disobeyed the Khan's orders to cease the feud and killed two of the rival tribe's members. He left his village that same night and now seeks to earn a living with his scimitar until the Khan's anger wanes and he can return home. Bound by custom, he expects certain standards of conduct to be met by his leader and those he fights alongside. His customs also condone raiding and this may lead to conflicts with those who don't agree. He respects bravery and shuns those he perceives to be cowardly. He is proud of his people and their history, and marvels at the cities that now stand where once there were only camps and markets.

He rides well, of course, and his marksmanship with a bow is outdone only by his skill with his scimitar. He's content to fight as long as he's paid his wages on time, fed regularly and given the opportunity to loot. About the only thing which he won't tolerate is fighting a losing battle.

He will hire on with you for 800 denars as a signing fee.

He dislikes Kaverra for threatening him over his past as a D'Shar Raider and mocks her weapon in retaliation, only serving to further aggravate the situation and Leslie, who as a merchant understandably dislikes those who've wronged traders, but likes Riva for her spirit and skill at arms despite her obsessing over her lineage, and would take her as a wife if he wasn't so sure it would be somewhat hazardous for his life expectancy.

He shares some of his backstory with Baheshtur from native, namly the reason for becoming a mercenary. As he shares slightly modified dialogue, this was probably done for simplicity's sake.

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