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King Ulric 3.9

King Ulric is the monarch of The Kingdom of Sarleon, starts every game owning his kingdom's capital city, Sarleon. He fields a large number of Knights of the Lion as they are his Household troop. The Claimant to his kingdom is Sir Darlion of Pendor.

He wields his unique weapon, the Banner of Sarleon. After capturing King Ulric, when talking to him, if his kingdom is fading (5 or less castles + cities), you have the option to take his Sarleon Banner in exchange of his freedom, but this will reduce the relations with him by 40 and with the kingdom of Sarleon by 5. If the player takes his unique weapon, he will only use his Runed Bastard Sword (instead of both weapons).

He rides the unique Sarleon Armored Warhorse, the player can obtain this horse by capturing and taking for himself his home city, Sarleon, and it'll be on the City Chest. When dismounted or trapped, he switches from his deadly unique lance to a Runed Bastard Sword. He will always carry a Knightly Kite Shield. His helmet, New King Helm, can be obtained when the player starts Founding a new kingdom. The other gear he uses are Heavy Iron Greaves, Golden Mittens and a Lion Breastplate over Chainmail with Cape.

All of his equipment, both offensive and defensive (except his unique weapon) has the best modifiers.

These are all of the Mercenary Companies he may hire:

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