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Koningur Valdis 3.9

Koningur Valdis is the leader of The Fierdsvain, will always start with Javiksholm, the capital city of his kingdom. He fields a large number of his own Special troops, Valdis Huscarls, as they are his Household troops. The Claimant to his kingdom is Inar Ironhand.  

He is equipped with his unique weapon, the Koningur's Waraxe which he combines with a very solid Huscarl Round Shield. If his kingdom is close to being destroyed (5 or less castles + cities) and you manage to capture him, talking to him will show up a special option. This option will trade his unique weapon (Koningur's Waraxe) for his freedom, doing this will drop your relations with him by 40 and with The Fierdsvain by 5 (note: player has to be monarch to be shown this special option). If the player takes his Waraxe, Koningur will then use a Runed Bastard Sword. He will bring 2 packs of Jarids to the battlefield, which will often throw before charging in.

He rides a Fierdsvain Koningur Steed, which the player can "steal" it by capturing his home city (Javiksholm) and searching in the City Chest. His helmet, Western King Helm, can be obtained when the player starts Founding a new kingdom. The rest of his equipment is a Valdis Huscarl Armor, Heavy Plate Greaves and Supreme Steel Gauntlets.

Stats-wise, he is the strongest monarch.

All of his equipment, both offensive and defensive (except his unique weapon) has the best modifiers.

These are all of the Mercenary Companies he may hire:

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